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Executive Positions  Aidan Doyle is President & CEO of Bellwether Capital Management LP. ag Bellwether Capital also work in Private Equity Pre-IPO Situations  Bellwether Capital Management, LP is a Registered Investment Advisor (CRD # 286136) and member of the National Futures Association *NFA ID 0404xxx.  Forex Risk Managment Aidan Doyle is Managing Director of Bellwether […]

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Aidan Doyle

London born, now living in New York City, Wall Street Trader Aidan Doyle is President and CEO of NFA Member firm Bellwether Capital Management, LP

Aidan is probably best known as the host, producer, and creator of the popular New York-based financial commentary TV shows, “This Week In Forex”. and ~Today On The Street/ Mr. Doyle has been in finance since the late 1980s both in London and New York, along the way working with a veritable who’s who of the financial community. Mr. Doyle’s views and opinions are sought after by the global financial media. He is also the producer and presenter of the recently-released educational DVD “Understanding Managed Futures.” He lives and works in Manhattan, New York, is single, and does not have a dog. 


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